About the name

MAKANI is Hawaiian, a female or male first name and means ‘wind’.

It’s also the first 2 letters of our first names and the last 2 letters of our last name. Our boat is powered by the wind and us, so when we stumbled upon this name during our boat naming research, we knew our new home should be named MAKANI.

We also found out that in the Arabic language the word means ‘my place’. We think this makes the name even more poetic, considering that MAKANI is our place to come home to after a day of exploring a strange country or island.

Our sailboat is the only constant within the ever-changing surroundings of our journey.

About the boat

We like to keep the beauty and uniqueness of our boat intact and therefore constantly learn about the materials and compounds they used building it. We also continue to work carefully on everything that needs repairing or replacement.

That said, we still included some brand new, top quality features like solar panels, a water maker, a custom made steel water holding tank and an up to date navigational system including “Iridium Go!” to be even more independent and able to live off the grid for as long as we like.




Meet the MAKANI crew

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