In our fourth episode, we use the UK lockdown for a tinyhome transformation and start our very own MAKANI wood shop.

Back in Brighton we saw that it is time to remove all the old varnish from our sailboat’s superstructure. Originally we wanted to wait and do this later in the year, when we arrive somewhere where the weather conditions are more stable, but since we are unable to move the boat further south, we start scraping. Unfortunately it starts to rain and we learn that untreated wood and the British weather do not go well together. We manage to solve this problem, when we install a self-made raincoat for the boat. Luckily it only rains a couple of days.

Max later takes all of the windows out of the frames to reseal them and to fix a few smaller leaks. Meanwhile Kathi bakes her first home-made bread on the boat.

We later face another challenge, when we realise that we need to order more varnish. Since the marina office is closed, we do not have an address. So we have to work on a solution and start to look for a place to deliver the new varnish to.

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