This is where our adventure starts – in Northern Germany, when we rename our floating home and begin to travel from the Baltic Sea to the North Sea through the Kiel Canal.

Once we reach Cuxhaven, we plan our first overnight sailing adventure to Amsterdam, which was around 72 hours of sailing away at that point. When we leave, we experience what turned out to be the worst night of both our lives. We hit a rough sea state with big waves from the starboard side for about 15 hours. Because of the shallowness of the North Sea waves can build up very quickly and they are steep and scary. Kathi gets seasick, while Max is in the cockpit hoping that the boat won’t sink. Sorry, but we did not film it.

We decide to change course and to make a stop on the island Vlieland, where we later find out that our engine has some sort of problem. Vlieland is an island in the Waddenzee in the northern Netherlands. It has a big marina but no boat yard and the island is car free, so mechanics are hard to find. Luckily we find one, who later helps us get the engine running again.

We then take a detour through the ‘IJsselmeer’ to Amsterdam, where our friends Alex & Jeannine join us and we start sailing towards Belgium. After exploring the coastline for a while, Max and I continue to France before we finally cross the English Channel to Dover and later decide to check out Brighton. After 4 days in the Brighton marina, we try to leave but the engine starts to act up again, leaving us with no other choice but to get it repaired and to take a winter break.

We decide to travel back to Austria and to wait for spring 2020 to continue with our sailing adventure.

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