Let’s jump back to 2015 when Kathi was about to turn thirty and Max thought that sailing lessons are the best present ever. A present that changed both of our lives and all our plans for the future.

What started as a fun couples activity quickly turned into passion for a sport and soon into curiosity for a lifestyle of complete freedom and independence. Since then we’ve been reading books with strange titles like “The diesel engine handbook”, countless blog entries about the so called “boat life” and of course all those other sailing couples and their YouTube channels didn’t help.

We had no other choice but to save up, buy a boat, clean out our flat, quit our jobs and set sail.

So we did.

About us


35 years old | Art Director | Yoga teacher

Co-captain | Sailorgirl | Mermaid | Filmmaker & Photographer | Content creator | Blogger | Socialmedia Queen | Webdesigner | Therapist | Nurse | Cook | etc.

I should have been a mermaid but grew up to be a creative professional instead.

For about 9 years I built a career in the Graphic Design field and I love how this job never got boring. That said, I have always loved being near the water, traveling and exploring a little bit more.

So much that as a teenager I made a pact with myself to see as many countries of this gorgeous planet as (financially) possible and started dreaming about distant shores with endless white sand beaches. Although I’m quite challenged when it comes to change, I’ve always wanted to explore as many different cultures and learn as many languages as possible while living a life on the go for a while.

It only seems natural that 19 years in, I fell madly in love with another adventurous soul, who eventually made it so easy for me to literally jump on board the minute he proposed to challenge ourselves to this crazy voyage.

written by Kathi


38 years old | Software developer | Watersports enthusiast | Gamer

Captain | Decision maker | Sailor | Lifeguard | Filmmaker & Photographer | Content creator | Weatherman | Mechanic | Electrician | Carpenter | Cook | Superhero | etc.

My husband is rational and pragmatic in everything he does, builds and believes in. He likes to know everything and all the things he says and does are well thought out and to the point. But what most people do not know, is that he’s a big dreamer, a hopeless romantic and a restless child. – Well, with the giant brain of a software developing genius of course.

MAKANI and all that you can see, read and follow here was his idea and dream to begin with. He’s the mastermind behind this operation with a constant urge to be physically and intellectually challenged.

He needs to climb up everything, see what is behind every corner, pick up every shell or stone and learn everything about every animal that ever existed. On top of that he needs to sail, surf or skate (with his wake skate) every pond, river, lake, sea or ocean and still has the energy to repair whatever needs repairing and plan whatever needs planning in-between.

Even if he didn’t start with sailing until he was in his thirties, I promise you, he was born to do this.

also written by Kathi

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